The World is Becoming So Small

The Ancient Silk Road connected Xian in China with the Mediterranean Sea in the West.  It may be as old as 10,000 years. The distance of the the Silk Road was more than 7,000 miles.  A trip from Rome to China took as long as two years.

Today, the distance is still 7,000 miles, but the time has shortened dramatically.  As short as a couple of hours on the Concorde.

Globalization is occurring in three fundamental steps.  The first step began with the movement of products such as items found on the Silk Road many years ago.  Over the years the time to move product has shortened to just hours and is now very cheap to move.

The second phase happened with the movement of ideas.  An idea moves around the world in the blink of an eye. That is because the Internet has become commonplace.

The final step to complete is movement of people around the world.  Moving people around the world is still expensive, but it takes little time.  A perfect example is your trip from Shanghai to San Francisco.  You are her to learn and share ideas and soon, product.

While you are in your new destination,  think about how easy your trip was.  It may not have taken 2 hours on the Concorde, but 11 hours is so much quicker than two years.

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